About Swatantra yoga

Welcome to Swatantra Yoga, a paradise for wellness seekers with exciting drop-in programs in two gorgeous locations—Agonda and Palolem. Swatantra’s commitment to holistic wellbeing stems from the notion that yoga is a transformative experience for the mind, body, and spirit.

about swatantra yoga

Our studios, nestled between the serene beauty of Agonda and the lively energy of Palolem, are sacred sanctuaries for self-discovery and growth. Our expert instructors will lead you through active Energizing Flow programs to boost your vitality, or soothing Calming Flow sessions to restore inner balance.

Swatantra Yoga invites both locals and visitors to Agonda, where the rhythmic waves complement our practice, and Palolem, a vibrant town that embraces the yogic spirit. Our drop-in classes offer flexibility schedule.

Swatantra Yoga invites you on a journey where the peace of Agonda and the vibrant vibes of Palolem meet the wisdom of yoga. Join us for an extraordinary experience in which every breath and action contribute to a more balanced and free self. Drop in to experience the transformational power of Swatantra Yoga in the heart of Agonda and the vivid tapestry of Palolem.

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